Smart breathalyzer

Smart breathalyzer Cloud AlcoMeter B2P, which allows to check the sobriety of individuals and store information about the sobriety tests performed. Great solution if you do not want cloud services, but a simple breathalyzer is not enough.

The smart breathalyzer measures alcohol, can send incident reports via SMS, takes photos and stores them on the device, can send daily reports via SMS, and can also be connected to the system.

Contactless sobriety testing

The contactless sobriety test only takes a few seconds, and in 20 minutes the systems can check up to 100 employees.

Takes photos

During the sobriety test the device takes a photo of the person being tested and saves the photo with the tests results, so you will always know who performed the test.

Information is stored on the device

The data is not stored and viewed in the system, but on the device itself. The device can store up to 1000 tests with photos and 10000 tests without photos.

Real-time notifications

You will be sure that all information about incidents will be provided to you immediately by text message or e-mail.

Can be connected to the system

Without replacing the device, it can be connected to cloud service, then all data will be stored in system.

Reliable measurements devices are metrologically checked and calibrated, therefore the measurements are always precise.

Daily reports

The reports are sent everyday with the previous day’s sobriety test data.

Long battery life

The breathalyzer allows up to 400 tests to be performed on a single battery charge.

Information protection

The system is fully GDPR-compliant.

Work time accounting

The system allows to track work time conveniently and autonomously with the option to create employee schedules, receive reports and account for shifts (including night shifts). Artificial Intelligence offers an automated work schedule for next month based on a previously worked schedule.

How it works?

Best suited for:


Small businesses