The value of our solution for the industry

According to data, people in the production sector come to work intoxicated 5 times more often, than in companies that carry out regular sobriety tests solutions automatically check the sobriety of employees when they come to work. Facial recognition system helps reduce the risk of cheating the system. In case of an intoxicated employee, the persons responsible immediately receive a text message about the violation.

It is difficult to manage the risks of accidents in production companies solutions help to automatically check the sobriety of employees working hazardous jobs. Sobriety tests and data stored in the system, in the event of an emergency, will help to prove that all necessary measures have been taken in the company to ensure the safety of employees.

It is difficult to keep track of actual work time

Work time recording in the device and the possibility to compile employee schedules helps the work time accounting personnel and ensures that work time will be calculated based on accurate and reliable data.

It is difficult to manage large flows of people quickly and efficiently

Automated employee control system helps to ensure smooth workflow. Real-time data sharing between devices and system flexibility ensure that the employee flow management process is fast and does not reduce the efficiency of the company‘s operations.

It is difficult to integrate work time accounting and business management systems together

The system is flexible, individually tailored to the customer’s needs and can be easily integrated with other systems. API helps to easily and conveniently share data between different systems.

Transparent ID

Using our device you will be able to check employee ID codes using a QR code scanner, thus you will always ensure that only legal employees work for your company.