Smart transport service with or without an alcolock

The automotive solution with or without an engine interlock is the most flexible tool that ensures employee safety. GPS location functionality, a motion sensor, and intermediate sobriety checks ensure the driver will be sober throughout the trip.

The device immediately passes on information about intoxicated drivers who have started a journey without performing a sobriety test to the persons responsible. It is not necessary to integrate the device into the car, and it can be easily replaced with another device for calibration purposes.

Sobriety testing

The sobriety test only takes a few seconds.

Face recognition

Biometric face recognition ensures that a sobriety test is performed by the same employee who provided the identification number. It reduces the risk of cheating the system.

Ensured sobriety without using engine interlock

If the driver starts using the vehicle while intoxicated or fails to perform a sobriety test, the persons responsible will be notified about the incident immediately via text message.

GPS location

The device has a built-in GPS receiver, which allows to see the location of the vehicle in the system in real time.

Driver work time accounting

The device records the start, end, and intermediate stops of the driver's journey, which shows how long it took the driver to complete the task.

Task monitoring system

The customer has the option to create tasks in the transport system at his own discretion, and to track in real time when and which task the driver is performing.

Real-time notifications

You will be sure that all information about incidents will be provided to you immediately by text message or e-mail.

Centralized system

All data from different company devices is stored in the system.

Convenient access to information

With the help of the “Cloud”, measurement data can be accessed via web browser from anywhere in the world, from any device.

Not connected to the vehicle

The device can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another.

Reliable measurements devices are metrologically checked and calibrated, therefore the measurements are always precise.

Integration with other systems solution can be integrated with an ignition interlock device, and business management systems.

Information protection

The system is fully GDPR-compliant.

How it works?

Best suited for:

For tractors and buses

For construction and agricultural machinery

In car parks