Privacy Policy


Inovatyvių procesų sprendimai, UAB (also referred to herein as the Company) has great respect for your privacy (also referred to in this document as the Visitor or Entity to which the data relates) , therefore, it collects, stores, uses and discloses your personal data, including the personal data you provide when using the website (also referred to in this document as a Domain or website), only as described in this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the  Privacy Policy) and as required by applicable law.


1.1. Terms and expressions written in capital letters in the Privacy Policy have the meaning specified in the Procedure for using the Website, other documents and / or other requirements and instructions available on the Website, except to the extent that this document and the concepts written below in capital letters have been given a specific meaning:

1.1.1. Personal data – any information about you as an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified either directly (by reference to an identifier such as a name, an online identifier) or indirectly (by one or more attributes of a natural, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity of that natural person).

1.1.2. Cookies – small files sent to your browser and stored on your computer, phone, or other device that you use to connect to the Website. Cookies allow a website to recognize your browser. The main purpose of cookies is to remember options such as the preferred language of the website. Cookies also help you recognize when you return to the same website. They help personalize your website. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or transmit viruses to your computer. Cookies are intended solely for you and can only be read by the web server of the domain that sent you the cookie. One of the most important purposes of cookies is to provide a convenient time-saving feature.

1.1.3. Direct marketing is an activity aimed at offering goods or services to individuals by post, telephone, or other direct means of communication and/or obtaining their opinion on the goods or services offered.

1.1.4. Consent is a voluntary declaration of will of the data subject to process his personal data for a purpose known to him.

1.1.5. ‘Data processing’ means any activity performed with personal data: collection, recording, storage, classification, grouping, combination, modification (addition or correction), provision, publication, use, logical or arithmetic operations, retrieval, dissemination, destruction, or other act or set of actions.


2.1. The Company ensures the security and confidentiality of your Personal Data provided using the Tools of the Website under the conditions set out in the Privacy Policy.

2.2. By providing Personal Data through the Website, you confirm that you agree with the Privacy Policy, and you also confirm that your Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the procedure set out in the Privacy Policy.

2.3. The Privacy Policy is mandatory for every person who visits the Website and/or uses the tools installed on it. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or any provision thereof, you have the right not to use the Site and any services, tools available on the Site or any other content of the Site.

2.4. Persons under the age of 16 may not provide any personal data for marketing activities through our website and social media accounts. If you are under the age of 16, you must obtain the consent of your parents or other legal guardians before providing personal information for marketing purposes.

2.5. The Company uses all organizational and technical measures to protect your personal data that is collected to provide services.


3.1. The Company has the right to select and process your Personal Data for the following purposes:


3.1.1. For direct marketing purposes (sending the newsletter).

3.3. For direct marketing purposes, the following personal data is collected:


3.3.1. E-mail address.


3.3.2. Name.


3.3.3. Telephone number.

3.4. When collecting and processing personal data to conclude a contract for the provision of services, the period of storage of your Personal Data is 2 months from the date of the last visit to the Website.

3.5. When collecting and processing personal data for direct marketing purposes, the period of storage of Personal Data is 3 years from the date of receipt of consent.

3.6. After the expiry of the retention period for Personal Data, Personal Data will be deleted without the possibility of reproduction.

3.7. For the purposes of concluding the Service Provision Agreement, the basis for the processing of Personal Data is the willingness to act at your request before concluding the contract.

3.8. For direct marketing purposes, the basis for the processing of Personal Data is the consent received from you.


4.1. The Company has the right to disclose your Personal Data when it is required by applicable law, as well as when implementing legitimate and legal ones, i.e., complying with the requirements of legal acts, policies, and rules of the Company, e.g., in response to received complaints or other complaints, when the rights of third parties are violated or to protect other persons, their legitimate interests or property.

4.2. You agree and acknowledge that the Company will provide your Personal Data:

4.2.1. to third parties, when you make a corresponding request to provide your Personal Data (or to third parties about whom you are expressly notified in another way, and the provision of information is agreed using a specific service).


4.2.2. business entities, in the event of a merger of the Company with another legal entity, if the Company acquires another business entity or the Company is taken over by another business entity, as well as in cases where the Domain or assets related to the Domain are transferred.

4.3. In the absence of your explicit consent (prior or separate), the Company will not transfer your Personal Data to third parties, unless it is necessary to implement the provisions laid down in the Privacy Policy or the Company is legally obliged to do so.

4.4. Based on your consent, the Company has the right to transfer your Personal Data to another recipient of data to whom you have consented to the processing of Personal Data for the purpose specified in the consent.

4.5. When the Company manages your Personal Data, you have the following rights:

4.5.1. know (be informed) about the processing of your data (right to know).


4.5.2. familiarize yourself with your data and how it is processed (right of access).


4.5.3. request updates or considering the purposes of personal data processing, supplement incomplete personal data of a person (right to update).


4.5.4. destroy your data or suspend data processing (except storage) (right to destruction and the right to “be forgotten”).


4.5.5. request that the Company restrict the processing of Personal Data for legitimate reasons (right to restriction).


4.5.6. the right to data portability (right to portability).


4.5.7. the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data or to withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data at any time for the purpose of processing Personal Data for one or more specific purposes, without prejudice to the lawfulness of data processing based on consent before legal withdrawal.

4.6. The Company has the right not to create conditions for you to exercise the rights listed in point 4.5, when in the cases provided for by law it is necessary to ensure the prevention, investigation and detection of crimes, violations of professional ethics, as well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.


5.1. The Company primarily strives to ensure the security of Visitor Data. To ensure the security of the information and data provided, the Company implements technical and organizational measures that meet the security requirements for the provision of services. The Company uses reasonable electronic and procedural means to protect the available information from loss, theft or unauthorized use, disclosure, or alteration.

5.2. Notwithstanding the fact that the Company uses the above reasonable measures, the Company cannot and does not guarantee the security of your Personal Data as it is provided or collected online. In addition, the measures implemented by the Company may not be sufficient if you do not meet the security requirements.

5.3. You have the right to request the Company to provide you with all information about your Personal Data processed by the Company, as well as the right to request rectification (amendment, supplementation, updating) or deletion of such data, or to limit the processing of such data in accordance with the procedure established by applicable legal acts. You also have the right to object to the processing of Personal Data and to withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data for direct marketing purposes in accordance with the procedure set out in this Privacy Policy. To exercise these rights, please contact us using the contacts provided in the Privacy Policy. In this way, we also inform you that you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if you consider that your rights regarding the processing of Personal Data have been violated.


6.1. This website uses cookies. The Company uses Cookies for the following purposes:

6.1.1. proper operation of the Website and improving the user experience of the Data Subject.

6.1.2. collecting statistical data of the Website (including calculating website traffic) and improving the Website.

6.2. Some information is collected automatically when the data subject visits the Company’s website, as the Internet Protocol address of the data subject must be recognized by the Company’s server.

6.3. By using the Company’s website, the Data Subject agrees that the cookies listed in this Privacy Policy will be stored on the computer (device) of the data subject).

6.4. The following types of Cookies are used on the Company’s Website:

6.4.1. Technical cookies: The Company strives to provide users of the Company’s website with an advanced and easy-to-use website that automatically adapts to their wishes and needs. To achieve this, the Company uses technical cookies that enable you to browse the website and enable it to function properly. The company’s website works properly only thanks to technical cookies.

6.4.2. Functional cookies: The Company also uses functional cookies that allow us to remember the choices of the data subject and at the same time use the website effectively. For example, thanks to cookies, the website remembers the language chosen by the data subject, the searches carried out or the reviews performed.

6.4.3. Analytical cookies: This type of cookie is used by the Company to understand how visitors to the Company use the Company’s website, to discover weak and strong parts of the website, to optimize and improve the performance of the website and to further implement advanced solutions. The data collected includes the pages viewed by the data subject, the type of platform used by the data subject, information about the date and time, the number of clicks, mouse movements and browsing activities, keywords and other text collected by the data subject when browsing the website. The Company also uses analytical cookies for online advertising companies to analyze the behavior of users after they are shown an online advertisement of the Company. The company does not know which data subject only collects anonymous information.

6.5. The purpose of these management tools is to ensure the quality of web browsing, to help the Company to establish a presence on the Company’s website and its individual parts, to understand user flows on the Company’s website, to improve the Company’s website, online services and to better meet the needs of visitors.

6.6. Each time the Data Subject visits the Company’s website, the Data Subject may accept or reject the decision to use cookies, however, in this case, the Company cannot guarantee the quality of the website browsing. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but if the data subject can easily modify the browser to prevent their acceptance.

6.7. The data subject has the option of deleting some or all the cookies from his or her computer at any time or blocking them using a web browser on his or her computer. If cookies are blocked for technical reasons, some parts of the Company’s website may not work or function properly for the data subject.

6.8. No visitor data is collected using cookies.

6.9. The information is not passed on to third parties at the time of recording the necessary cookies.

6.10. You can block the use of cookies and delete cookies at any time using your browser software. For more information about managing cookies in your browser, see the “Help” tab of your web browser.

  1. Third parties

7.1. This Privacy Policy only sets out the use and disclosure of such information that we collect from you through the Website, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Privacy Policy. If you disclose your Personal Information to others through the Site or other websites, different policies may apply regarding the use and disclosure of relevant information.

7.2. The Company does not control the privacy policy and / or other rules applicable to you by third parties. Accordingly, you are responsible and undertake to comply with them when they apply to you, at your own discretion and risk. The Company is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites or any other content when the Website contains a link to other Websites or contains a link to the Website. These sites may have their own privacy policies, which we recommend that you read. By clicking on a link, logo, or other element of the Website, or using the services available on the Website, it should be remembered that by clicking on any of the above-mentioned elements you can go outside the Website.

7.3. The Company does not collect any information about you from third parties, except in cases of non-compliance with legal requirements or violation of the rights of third parties.


8.1. The data subject must provide the Company with complete and correct personal data of the data subject and inform about relevant changes to the Personal Data of the data subject. The Company shall not be liable for damage caused to the Data Subject and/or third parties since the Data Subject has provided incorrect and/or incomplete personal data or has not informed them adequately and in a timely manner of their changes.

8.2. The Company is not responsible for communication failures that prevent users and other persons of the Company’s website from accessing the website or using the services.

8.3. The Company is not able to fully guarantee that the functioning of the Company’s website will be continuous and without any interruptions or errors, that the Company’s website will be fully protected against viruses or other harmful elements. The data subject is informed that any material read, downloaded or otherwise received by the data subject through the Company’s website is obtained solely at the discretion and at the risk of the data subject and only the data subject is liable for damage caused to the data subject and the computer system of the data subject, to which the data relate.


9.1. Unless otherwise stated, the software required for the provision of services by the Company is available or used on the Company’s Website, and the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) to the content and information contained on the Website belong to the Company. Without the prior written consent of the Company, it is forbidden to reproduce, translate, adapt or in any other way use any part of the Company Website (any content, logo, software, products, services, etc.) in the commercial business activities of third parties. It is forbidden to perform any other actions that may violate the Company’s proprietary rights to the Company Website, as well as those that are contrary to fair competition, advertising, copyright infringement, other legal acts, and applicable practices.

9.2. Any unauthorized use of the rights or any of the above actions will constitute a material violation of the Company’s intellectual property rights (including copyright and other rights).


10.1. The Company has the right to change the Privacy Policy in whole or in part by notifying about it on the Company’s Website.

10.2. Supplements or amendments to the Privacy Policy shall enter into force on the day of their publication, i.e., from the date of their posting on the Company’s Website.

10.3. If the data subject does not agree with the new version of the Privacy Policy, the data subject has the right to refuse to use the Company’s website and the services provided by the Company.

10.4. If, after supplementing or amending the Privacy Policy, the Data Subject continues to use the Company Website or the services provided by the Company, the Data Subject shall be deemed to agree with the new version of the Privacy Policy.


11.1. If you need help or have any questions and/or claims about the Privacy Policy and/or its application, please contact the company’s contact persons below.

11.2. This Privacy Policy will be reviewed at least once every two years. After updating the Privacy Policy, we will inform you of significant changes in our opinion by posting an announcement on the Website or account on a social network. If you access or use the content and/or services that we provide after such notice is posted, we will assume that you agree to the new requirements set out in the update. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is always available at

11.3. The Privacy Policy was approved by Order No.AI-18-07 of the Director of the Company of May 18, 2018.