Smart stationary sobriety control service

Stationary contactless solution is working based on installed programming solution and has facial recognition technology. It reduces the risk of accidents and increases employee productivity.

There is no longer a need for a person to check employee sobriety – the process is completely automated. The sobriety tests are performed on employee arrival and departure from work. The device is installed in a convenient location, chosen by the customer.

Sobriety testing

The sobriety test only takes a few seconds, and in 20 minutes the systems can check up to 100 employees.

Face recognition

Biometric face recognition ensures that a sobriety test is performed by the same employee who provided the identification number. It reduces the risk of cheating the system.

Real-time notifications

You will be sure that all information about incidents will be provided to you immediately by text message or e-mail.

Centralized system

All data from different company devices is stored in the system.

Convenient access to information

With the help of the “Cloud”, measurement data can be accessed via web browser from anywhere in the world, from any device.

Work time accounting

The system allows to track work time conveniently and autonomously with the option to create employee schedules, receive reports and account for shifts (including night shifts). Installed programming solution offers an automated work schedule for next month based on a previously worked schedule.

Integration with other systems solution can be integrated with access control and business management systems.

Employee card scanning

The device can scan all kinds of RFID cards (including the construction worker card), therefore the employee recognition and access control processes are very simple.

Provision of backup connection (Wi-Fi, GSM)

Data transfer will work without any problems – if the connection is lost, the device will automatically switch to the backup connection.

Reliable measurements devices are metrologically checked and calibrated, therefore the measurements are always precise.

Information protection

The system is fully GDPR-compliant.

How it works?

Best suited for:

Production industry

Construction industry

Agriculture industry

Transport industry

For smaller businesses with small flows of people